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Basic information

Certificates are used to confirm users' identity within PLGrid Infrastructure. They allow access to some of PLGrid services without requiring user's login and password. Some applications or tools require a certificate.

You can manage your certificates in Certyfikaty menu.

Two types of certificates are recognized in PLGrid and can be managed in PLGrid portal:

  • Simple CA
  • Polish Grid CA


Simple CA certificate

Simple CA certificate is fullly managed at PLGrid portal. It can be issued, downloaded or revoked there. 

Issue Simple CA certificate

You can generate your certificate using the "Wygeneruj certyfikat" button. You will be required to provide your PLGrid password, which also becomes your certificate password. After providing the password click "Generuj".

After the certificate is generated, it is registered in PLGrid portal. You can download your certificate in p12 format (containing certificate and private key) by using the link "Zapisz certyfikat na dysku". 

Registration of certificate in PLGrid portal causes it to save in:

  • keyFS - that allows for use of certificate on UI without having to upload it there
  • OpenID - which allows for passing it to web-based services that require a certificate to generate proxy

In the future it will be possible to auto-login to PLGrid services with a certificate (registration at web browser management will be required).

Revoke Simple CA certificate

You can revoke a Simple CA certificate in PLGrid portal.

If your certificate has been compromised you should revoke the current certificate and generate another one.

You can revoke your certificate also in situations such as: changing your personal data (e.g. last name) or if you no longer need a certificate.



Revoking the certificate results in deregistering it from PLGrid portal and, consequently, other services mentioned above.


Renewal of Simple CA

Simple CA certificates are valid for one year. To extend the period of validity for another year you have to revoke your current certificate and generate a new one in the way described above. A month before expiration date you will receive a notification.

Polish Grid CA certificate

Polish Grid CA certificate is issued by Polish Certificate Issuing Department and recognized in European grid infrastructures. This certificate can be obtained at After successful application and issuance of the certificate the user is informed via an e-mail containing a download link. The certificate is issued in PEM package files form. Installing it in a web browser or in PLGrid portal requires certificate conversion to PKCS12 format.

Installation Polish Grid CA in PLGrid Portal

In order to register Polish Grid CA certificate in PLGrid portal use the button "Załaduj certyfikat z dysku". You will be required to provide the package password (used when creating the package) and key password (created for your private key) and upload the package to the portal.



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